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2012 “Best of the Bronx” Award

Here’s what our customers think!

Best fresh meat in the Bronx, when I want to eat a great ribeye steak, this is the place I come to get it from, do not like the steaks they already have cut? Just ask and they will cut you fresh ones as thick as you want them to be!

Great atmosphere, customer service and very clean!

My boyfriend was so right about the festival of meats inside of Vincents. I was so overwhelmed I could not even stand inside of it!

This is Bronx areas big secret,

and definitely worth the drive to make your holiday meal!

Elitest D.

New York, NY

Mike M.

Bronx, NY

Since 1954, Vincent’s has been providing your family with the highest quality meats, recipes, tips and top quality service. Now, we’d like to introduce you to

a new era in Vincent’s history. VincentsMeatMarket.com is now the easiest way to experience the difference of “Vincent’s” without leaving your home. Here, you’ll be able to place an order, learn a new recipe, and get educated, !

Vincent's is the most kick ass butcher on Arthur Ave.

Not to take anything away from Biancardi's or Peter's Meats in the Retail Market, but Vincent's is definitely my first choice when it comes to fresh meat.

Sarah C.   

New York, NY

After moving out of NY, I still travel from VA to buy all my meat. I call ahead and Peter has it all ready for me to pick. You can't find experienced butchers any longer. The Best Sausage and the freshest meat.
The Best butcher on Arthur Ave.

Jennifer P. Fredericksburg, VA

The quality of the meat here is tops!

You can call in your order over the phone. Staff is great. Clean! clean! clean! They will age any cut of beef for you if you ask. I had 30 day aged porter house steak from here and it was awesome!

Miss C.

Bronx, NY

2374 Arthur Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457   (718) 295-9048
Coming Soon!

Vincent’s Meat Market | 2374 Arthur Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458 | (718) 295-9048 | (718) 295-9577 | www.facebook.com/VincentsMeatMarket

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